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HHC Infused Gummies Assorted Flavors 30pcs 750mg

HHC Infused Gummies Assorted Flavors 30pcs 750mg

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Looking to enjoy a variety of delicious fruit flavors while indulging in pure HHC? Our Assorted Infused Gummies are a blend of enticing fruit flavors including pineapple, watermelon, and green apple, in delicious pectin gummy form. Each piece is packed with 30mg of soothing HHC, and are gelatin-free as well as vegan-friendly. HHC is beloved for its unique uplifting and relaxing qualities, and has zero THC. Each gummy has been made right here in the USA to stringent manufacturing standards. Savor these rich assorted gummies, bursting with tasty fruit flavor and hemp-derived HHC.

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